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One evening (not) long ago our founder Petra Larsson was putting her baby to sleep. It was one of those nights when it took hours. After a while she gazed into the room and  a thought appeared: "our frame is a bit dull..." and the rest is, as you say, history. Thankful for her daughter, both for that night and for being her biggest inspiration, By Vallen came to life. The name Vallen comes from the family name Valentina that is her babys middle name.

With a passionate mindset and "all is possible"-attitude we want to create a new generation of frames to your posters and prints. We strive to create unique products that can become a new home classic that will add that little extra to your home for a long time.

We are proud over that our products are designed, devolepd and produced in Sweden. If you want to know anything about where our frames are made, just send us an email.

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